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We clean up the fingerprint dust that's leftover from crime scene investigators

Fingerprints left at a crime scene must be collected onsite. The process of doing this may involve dusting entire areas for prints and covering a large surface in order to find usable images. Technicians taking the fingerprints need to carefully use a dark granite powder to locate prints that can be used to potentially identify a perpetrator. Friction ridges form the pattern that is used to identify each person, and the process of collecting the prints can be challenging because there are parts of the finger that won’t leave a clear image. Law enforcement knows how to obtain the clearest prints possible, but unfortunately, this process often leaves behind a residue. Fingerprint powder is extremely difficult to clean and requires special techniques to be removed completely, requiring professional services like those provided by Steri-Clean Atlanta.


For Professional Crime Scene Fingerprint Powder Cleanup

Graphite powder can be left on any area where the (CSI) investigators performed a fingerprint collection. This is why fingerprint powder cleanup services are essential after any crime scene has been closed. The home or office can be in disarray after the forensic team leaves because the trail of powder can cover almost the entire room. Removing this substance isn’t as easy as taking a damp cloth and wiping the surfaces. In fact, any exposure to moisture can make the situation even worse. The ink will smear over the surfaces if you apply water to the powder.


Professional fingerprint powder removal uses appropriate equipment and techniques to get the area back to normal. The cleaning solutions must be formulated in order to allow the professional to completely remove the dust from the entire area. It is very important to have the dust removed right away because it can quickly spread through the whole building just by having a window open. Even a moderate breeze can set these dust particles into the air.


The Hidden Dangers Of Graphite Fingerprint Powder

Experienced fingerprint powder cleanup services are necessary to ensure that the neuro-toxins in the powder are removed from your property. Without expert fingerprint powder removal services, people who come in regular contact with this dust might be exposed to the hidden dangers of toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead, and mercury. These substances pose a health risk, so fingerprint cleanup is a vital part of protecting the safety and well-being of everyone in the building.


Steri-Clean Atlanta’s fingerprint powder cleanup services are conducted in an efficient and professional manner. We can return the site to its previous condition before the investigators showed up and dusted the entire place. Our fingerprint powder removal methods are proven to work. 


Our team is fully capable of applying a complex cleaning treatment to the area in the most professional manner possible. Steri-Clean Atlanta can also clean up other substances left behind by a crime, such as biohazards, blood, odors, and tear gas residue. Contact us today for a service quote; we are open 24/7 to assist you.  Steri-Clean Atlanta serves the greater Atlanta, GA metropolitan areas including Marietta, Macon, and Columbus.


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