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Tear Gas Cleanup Services | Steri-Clean Atlanta  

Local governments often lack the resources to clean up tear gas after it has been utilized. Tear gas has to be cleaned up with special products because it can leave behind a trail of irritating residue that can take months to dissipate on its own. To help deal with the aftermath of the use of tear gas, Steri-Clean offers services designed to address this specific problem. Our team can give you a helping hand with professional tear gas cleanup.

Challenges With Tear Gas Cleanup 

Our tear gas cleanup service in Atlanta is designed to address the difficult residue that tear gas can leave behind. One of the most significant challenges with tear gas is how it can end up in hard-to-reach places when it is used indoors. Tear gas can get under carpets, inside furniture, behind floorboards, and in other inaccessible places.


Although tear gas is not lethal when used in an ordinary manner, it can cause serious disruption to the mucous membranes inside a person's nose, throat, and eyes. When tear gas is inhaled, serious damage can be caused to the recipient’s lungs and esophagus. Worst of all, tear gas is actually a powder that is sprayed in a fine mist. The substance can, therefore, linger for months since it will not evaporate on its own.


Professional Tear Gas Cleaning 

When tear gas is used, working with a professional cleaning team will usually be necessary to get a facility ready for human occupation again. A tear gas cleanup service in Atlanta can help you to remove residue that can cause serious irritation.


If you do not remove tear gas from your facility, it will continue to cause irritation in the same way that it did when it was originally used. Even though the substance will not be actively sprayed into the air, people will still experience problems when they inhale small particles that get swept up in ventilation drafts or from people walking by. Consequently, the dust in the air in your facility will become saturated with tear gas.


To prevent problems with lingering tear gas, the best solution is to seek professional tear gas cleanup. The right service that offers tear gas cleanup in Atlanta will be able to help you remove all lingering air particles to make your facility safe and comfortable.


Specialized Tear Gas Cleaning

Steri-Clean is a specialized cleaning company that offers professional tear gas cleanup services in Atlanta. Our local team has decades of experience dealing with tear gas issues in outdoor environments, in commercial facilities, and even in private homes. With our help, you can take a major step toward returning to normal life after having tear gas used in your facility. Contact us today to learn more. 1-888-577-7206.

Steri-Clean Atlanta serves the greater Atlanta, GA metropolitan areas including Marietta, Macon, and Columbus.


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