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Atlanta's Local Government Agency Contract Cleaning Service Experts 

Exposure to biohazards requires the level of professional expertise that Steri-Clean applies in removing contaminants from streets, government vehicles, public spaces, and more. The unsightly and dangerous task often involves the removal of bodily fluids, tear gas, illegal substances, and paraphernalia, infectious disease residue, vomit, blood, or feces. Our technicians receive intensive training in biohazard removal procedures and disinfection processes to ensure public safety. Expertise makes the difference between doing a job properly or not, and we provide the highest quality of professional cleaning services in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Federal requirements specify the qualifications that allow us to provide government services assistance, and we meet all of them. Intense training on bloodborne pathogens enables us to prepare a written plan for technicians who are exposed to them. Our technical plan requires our teams to wear the personal protection equipment that we provide and make sure that everyone uses it. Each team member can receive the Hepatitis B vaccine if desired as an optional health measure that we offer. The storage and disposal of biohazard material at a regulated waste site represents the thorough approach that we take to the serious matter of providing assistance to government service agencies in Atlanta.


Removing The Risk Of Exposure From Biohazards​

Our expertise in providing government agency cleanup services in Atlanta allows us to remove the risk of exposure from biohazards that untrained personnel must never attempt to clean up on their own. Not only is it a direct health risk, but a liability for the agencies to allow their employees to the exposure. Government agencies perform their areas of expertise, but most of them lack the resources to handle the cleanups that we perform routinely. After an accident, an investigation, or a crime scene arrest, we manage the cleanup details that make an area safe for humans.


Traffic Accident/Roadway Cleanup

The impact of vehicle crashes can inflict severe injuries on passengers and cause blood or other bodily fluids to contaminate the scene. While well-meaning citizens may wash the area with water to make it look better, only a disinfectant can remove the contaminants. 

Emergency Vehicle Cleanup

Accident victims, sick people, or incarcerated inmates may require transportation in emergency vehicles and can leave behind vomit, blood, or feces that contaminate the area. With a commitment to provide assistance to professional government agencies in Atlanta and surrounding areas, Steri-Clean Atlanta removes contaminants and makes vehicles safe for further use.  

Drug Use Paraphernalia Cleanup

When the presence of drug paraphernalia in public parks and playgrounds, parking lots, and residence halls creates a hazard, we move promptly to dispose of drug-related material efficiently. Our work protects citizens from inhaling noxious aromas and ingesting or contacting harmful substances. 

Detention Facilities Cleanup

Law enforcement authorities can face a variety of filthy situations in detention centers or holding cells. Steri-Clean Atlanta provides the best cleanup services to support local law enforcement in maintaining safe, clean environments, for both the detainees and the authorities.


Contact Steri-Clean Atlanta today to learn more about how we can support the work of your government services agency. Call now; we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Steri-Clean Atlanta serves the greater Atlanta, GA metropolitan areas including Marietta, Macon, and Columbus.


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